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Still winter ;-)

It always takes me too long to finish my projects of one season but leaving them unfinished can lead to forgotten projects, wich is even worse!

This pullover is based on three stitch patterns that fit best the yarns I used (Mia from Lana Grossa and a mix of two rest-yarns for the sleeves).

The front and back parts start with the “parasol” pattern (which is called “Bärentatzen” in German). For the sleeves – where I had to use a combination of two leftovers but it turned out better that way – I wanted to use a regular and ligth stitch pattern; I chose “flame chevron” (“Ajourgeflecht” in German). For the cowl I needed a lace stitch that forms stripes but does not snuffle together. I found that this vine lace pattern suited the most.

All these patterns can be found at The Walker Treasury Project , a wonderful basis for a self designed work of art 🙂

Cosy cowl

Ok, it’s not exactly the right time for a warm cowl… but I wanted to make one like this for long and I thought of this, when I found this yarn in my #tobeused collection lately!

I used Chiara (Lana Grossa) in a brioche stitch and enjoyed much working on it, as I found the stitch perfectly matching for this yarn!

New cowls

These cowls are cosy, warm and practical. Made out of one ball (50gr) of Silkhair Degradé (Lana Grossa) or essentials super kid mohair & silk print (Rico Design), they are soft, light and warming 🙂

Color of this year: rust

Rust color fits to the winter mood, so I often find myself knitting the next rust model. But this winter I could not even consider another color!

It is again a fully improvised pattern, using a combination of kidseta yarn, 70% Kid Mohair and 30% silk from Birgit Freyer together with a 100% wool yarn that already waited for a long time to be used.

Here are some more views:

Pink & light

Before the winter leaves, I want to enjoy this light and cosy sweaters finished last spring – to late to wear it that season. It’s based on the Garland pattern and I used ITO yarn (cherry).