Carnival Greetings

Carnival time in Rhineland inspired me sewing some funny hats. Only 4 parts.
For double-face looking you will need two ones, which are sewed together. The hats are also can be used during sunny days to keep the sun away. For cold days I also knitted a fake-hair hat. The yarn is brazilia lungo. Wish you having a few nice party days next week.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We wish you a few relaxing days with all your friends and family.Bär_Fred_Crissy

Spring Awakening

The Team Bonn/Wilhelmshaven was busy. The sewing coats are from my mother (for me, patterns are  from Zwischenmass), the colorful socks from my friend Petra and the knitting coats are my own newest projects.Cadigan_turkise_stripesCardigan_turkise_stripes_backsidePetras_funny_socksSewing_Project_grey_pink_from_NatiSewing_project_grey_pink_from_NatiSewing_project_pink_violett_from_NatiSewing_project_pink_violett_backsideKnitting_coat_Russia_3Knitted_coat_Russia_3

Little Teddy-Girl

Hi, my name is Chelsea. I`m a handmade creation exclusive for filofolie, 8 cm height, material is Teddy paw-velvet. Feather headdress, bag and dress yarn cotton. I was a birthday present for Nati and live with a lot of other Teddybears.


My new mannequin

This post is actually not about the jacket, which is an older project from the Rebecca magazine (issue nr 43, model 33), but: I finally own a mannequin torso, I ‘m so happy about it 🙂
I was dreaming of it since a long time! There are quite a lot of different versions available at the moment; I saw some at Nanu Nana and at Xenos, mine is from the last one.

Isn’t it wonderful?