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Lace cowl

While the weather in Berlin is more spring than winter, I’m hurrying finishing my winter projects. This is the latest one, inspired by the Shady Lady shawl. This version is even easier, as I’ve just knitted the three different stitches, that is the edge, the teardrops and the zig zag stitches, successively. The cowl is knitted in round with 126 stitches.
I’ve used ITO Sensai yarn (60% mohair, 40% silk, 240 meters pro 20 gr. skein).




Trojan Horse

Cross-Stitching must not be boring. Look yourself at this pretty pink trojan horse. Pretty_Pink_Trojan_Horse_stitching

Spring Awakening

The Team Bonn/Wilhelmshaven was busy. The sewing coats are from my mother (for me, patterns are  from Zwischenmass), the colorful socks from my friend Petra and the knitting coats are my own newest projects.Cadigan_turkise_stripesCardigan_turkise_stripes_backsidePetras_funny_socksSewing_Project_grey_pink_from_NatiSewing_project_grey_pink_from_NatiSewing_project_pink_violett_from_NatiSewing_project_pink_violett_backsideKnitting_coat_Russia_3Knitted_coat_Russia_3