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This very funny cackling chicken are crochet by my mother and will be next week in Berlin to take                         some pictures from the city-sightseeing.130317_Natis_chicken_run130317_Natis_chicken_run_bas

Another Loop

My dummy Elsa proudly presents a knitted light weigth loop that can be worn in two cases.   130315_Loop_apricot_wrapped130315_Loop_apricot_long                                                                                                                                                                 (2 balls yarn kid seta from schulana).

Wrap your Body

This stola to enwrap the body can be used in diffent cases and also as a plaid. The pattern is nearly as the one from Knitter 12/2012 combined with own ideas. Yarn: Lana Grossa Silk Hair and Lace from Tausendschön.130315_Stola_pink_orange_wrap_yourself_front130315_stola_pink_orange_wrap_yourself_back


Ok, maybe I’m knitting too many of these… But I love this texture and I still find it exiting, to generate it in all these different colors 🙂



New spring cowls

My friends seem to like the cowls I made last year quite a lot, so I continue to produce some new ones for the spring!
The first one is already ready:




I tried to sketch the pattern, hope you can understand it: