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Pillow Cases

This colorfull cases with button holes at the backside are also a product of my mothers sewing-kitchen;-) I used them in the garden, sunshine is great and I feel good with this good spirit pillows.Pillow_cases_different_colours

Knitting Needle Bags

My mothter also produced this romantic needle cases for each kind of knitting needles, short, long and round needles. I love this bags. Thanks a lot mum. I`m very proud of you. She made a few to give away to our girlfriends as a present for the next birthday. Others perhaps can be asked for buying.knitting_needle_bags_openknitting_needle_bags_closed_1knitting_needle_bags_closed_3

Doll(es) Dress

My mother was very busy during the last week. She produced a lot of usefull and nice-to-have things.

This dolldress, booties and cap also fits preenies.Doll_Dress_Pink_CapDoll_Dress_Pink_cap

Flower Power

This older crochet-project is worthy to be shown on this page. Flower Power FrontFlower Power DetailFlower Power BackMy newest project is nearly ready and will be presented on this page in a few days.