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Hoping for summer

After having spent the creativity of the last summers in creating my free crochet dress, I wanted (needed) my next improvised project to be a relatively fast one. So I decided to try with a free-knit dress I had in my mind for the last months (without pattern, the main idea was to use cable stich to highlight the body shape). Although I managed to finish it last summer, I left the last finishing work undone. Fixing and cutting the last yarn ends was now a quite rewarding task, my new summer dress is ready and waiting for the summer to begin!



Pearls and Stripes

First bead the pearls before knitting. Admittedly a diligent but routine piece of work. The idea is from the knittingjournal “The Knitter”.  The realisation is my own creation. I used other colors, other fitting and crochet the border around this bolero. Yarn is from Junghans-Wolle. Bolero_Pearls_and_Stripes_FrontBolero_Pearls_and_Stripes_Back_2Bolero_Pearls_and_Stripes_Front_Detail

Violet Bolero

It is an older project but still up to date in summertime. First knit the bodyparts afterwards begin the crochet parts. Material is silk and merino from our favorite shop seasonstore. Best greetings to Mrs. Stegh.

Little Teddy-Girl

Hi, my name is Chelsea. I`m a handmade creation exclusive for filofolie, 8 cm height, material is Teddy paw-velvet. Feather headdress, bag and dress yarn cotton. I was a birthday present for Nati and live with a lot of other Teddybears.


Crochet gardening

My friend Charlotte had the idea to embellish her backyard with some small crochet projects. This is the first of them, the next ones will follow 🙂