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Carnival Greetings

Carnival time in Rhineland inspired me sewing some funny hats. Only 4 parts.
For double-face looking you will need two ones, which are sewed together. The hats are also can be used during sunny days to keep the sun away. For cold days I also knitted a fake-hair hat. The yarn is brazilia lungo. Wish you having a few nice party days next week.


Another LAMANA piece

I’ve never managed to knit more than one pattern from the same magazine, even if I liked the style and was amazed by many models: either it took me already too long for the first one, or the end of the season arrived, or I just found some new, more interesting pattern somewhere else. But this LAMANA issue is really full of beautiful knits, easy to make.
The wonderful, yet simple stitch is knitted from left to the right, the sleeves are added at the end.