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Knitted skirts

A friend asked me recently, whether I also knit skirts. These are the last ones I made and also the most practical ones. They are quite warm, due to the double yarn, so I can really wear them in the winter.
The first one is based on a model of Filati Catwalk nr.1 . I made it shorter than the original:


The second one is just an improvisation of the first, where I combined it with elements of model 11 of the same issue (which I did not find online):


Quick and simple tunic

I had quite a few complicated knitting and crochet projects the last months. So I decided to do something that goes fast for a change:


I’ve used Kidlana nr. 6 from Lana Grossa and to make the shape I’ve simply reduced 3 stitches every 10th row (divide the stitches by 4 and reduce 3 stitches in between). It took me only 6 balls of 25 gr.!

snowy winter – warm feet

This little cute baby shoes are very easy and ready in only one hour and washable. This ones are made for a new born Baby. Yarn RELAX from Lana Grossa.

Barking in the rain

This raincoat for our female-dog was a design-sewing- project in common with my mother. The material is softshell and polar-fleece with hook-and-loop tape for closing parts. Have a look at our happy dog.