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For next summer…

While everybody is preparing for the winter, I am hurrying to finish my summer projects – for one time not to leave unfinished works for next year! This one had already to wait enough: I started it last august and did not finish till this year!
Blue summer top

Blue summer top back
Blue summer top side
One good thing though, it came out exactly as I’ve conceived it 🙂
Blue summer top drawn

Bake a cake or bake a button

Others bake a cake, I tried to bake funny buttons in my baking oven. Preparing time nearly 30 minutes, baking-time also, heat:110 Celsius. The material is modelling clay names FIMO.

Bake a cake or bake a button.

Bake a cake or bake a button.

UA_Knöpfe 015

Un gilet pour la rentrée en Tunisie!

Dans la Médina de Tunis, Faiza se remet doucement au crochet après l’été. Confortablement installée au fond de sa boutique, elle a confectionné un élégant petit gilet pour la rentrée de septembre… dont elle semble plutôt fière!
Gilet Faiza