Same pattern Other colour

It was a pleasure to knit the same pattern again. But I used another yarn from Dibadu named Geheimer Garten and a rest of skein for the contrast for the yoke.

summersweater love birds Version 2

New cowls

These cowls are cosy, warm and practical. Made out of one ball (50gr) of Silkhair Degradé (Lana Grossa) or essentials super kid mohair & silk print (Rico Design), they are soft, light and warming 🙂

Pink & light

Before the winter leaves, I want to enjoy this light and cosy sweaters finished last spring – to late to wear it that season. It’s based on the Garland pattern and I used ITO yarn (cherry).


Fall beginns for real! If  you are too late with your new projects – like I am – then you can still re-discover some old loved knits! I made this one many years ago from a Lea magazine (unfortunately not available any more), using sock yarn:

image image

Cream dreams…

I made this one with some leftovers at the end of last winter. It’s improvised and the cowl is a separate piece. Now a reason to be looking forward for the fall to come 🙂