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Cosy cowl

Ok, it’s not exactly the right time for a warm cowl… but I wanted to make one like this for long and I thought of this, when I found this yarn in my #tobeused collection lately!

I used Chiara (Lana Grossa) in a brioche stitch and enjoyed much working on it, as I found the stitch perfectly matching for this yarn!

Winter lace top

I like using shimmering yarns for simple lace knits. This one is a pattern from the new LAMANA magazine, knit with Lana Grossa lace lux yarn. I went for a narrower form than suggested, now I’m not sure, whether this was the right decision…

Quick and simple tunic

I had quite a few complicated knitting and crochet projects the last months. So I decided to do something that goes fast for a change:


I’ve used Kidlana nr. 6 from Lana Grossa and to make the shape I’ve simply reduced 3 stitches every 10th row (divide the stitches by 4 and reduce 3 stitches in between). It took me only 6 balls of 25 gr.!